Residential Treatment Center

#RTC vs #BootCamps

Many people believe there is little difference between residential treatment and out-patient programs. However, there is proof that the in-patient treatment can be far more effective and beneficial to the patient in some circumstances. In most areas, out-patient and in-patient care is available and seeking out the best place for you or your loved one is crucial.

Depending on the type of treatment needed for the patient, residential treatment seems to be one of the best sources for therapy for a variety of reasons. It actually forces the patient to follow through with a schedule. Residential programs follow a daily schedule with individual and group therapy sessions as well as planned activities.

With in-patient care, the individual can not just decide they don't want to complete the program because their withdrawals are far too severe or because they've decided to give up on their desire to get clean. Residential treatment for alcohol or drug rehab is almost always recommended for the addict or alcoholic because there is simply no better way to ensure they stick with the program initially.

Individuals can always follow up with group or individual counseling after a residential treatment program and success rates seem to be a bit higher for those who begin their rehab with a reputable residential program. Still, failure is always possible regardless of the type of reform sought.

Facility care for drug addicts, alcoholics, and those with mental health issues are continually under the microscope and most of the time the residential treatment programs are monitored so closely that they have to show a success rate. Still, if you are considering any type of treatment program for mental health issues or for assistance in a drug or alcohol abuse, conduct a lot of research to ensure you make the best decision possible.


Teen Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is something facing this country to the level of pandemic proportions. While the US government tends to turn the other cheek on various issues involving drug abuse, the rampant spread of drug use is striking rural and metropolitan areas. Drug abuse is seen in all economic classes and ranging from Methamphetamine use to pills.

Drug abuse is rampant because as a society, weíve allowed it to be rampant. Not only are we seeing record numbers in treatment facilities but the petty crimes have increased and so have the violent crimes. In Atlanta, Georgia, they have now been dubbed the meth drug hub of the southeast and when youíre in Atlanta, you can simply drive around just about any area of the city and score meth, prescription pills and other drugs.

The drug abuse problem is out of hand and it is out of hand because education has ceased. With the big campaigns of "just Say No" slowing down to non-existence in many areas, people shouldn't be a bit surprised by the record number of addicts living on the streets and in shelters. There are people who are literally walking away from their homes and their lives just so they can get high and drug abuse is on the rise for this kind of life.

The only way to stop drug abuse is to become an advocate who is willing to stand out and take a stand against drug abuse. In order to do so, you have to get involved in your local communities and be willing to have a strong voice in public against it. Itís crucial for many people to become involved in prevention and education if we are ever going to get a grip on this problem. However, if we donít get a good handle on the problem, we will soon see our lives change drastically. Many predict our prisons and jails will not be able to handle the record number of criminals who will belong there because of the crimes they committed while on drugs.

Boot camps are not recommended as a drug rehab for drug abuse. Boot camps are typically designed as a wake up call to help teens with discipline, follow through and respect.


Eating Disorders

There are many different types of eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Binge eating and compulsive eating are the main disorders you may hear most about. While various symptoms do occur with each and they all tend to carry their own, it is important to understand why eating disorders begin in the first place.

Teenagers often are at risk for anorexia or bulimia. Not only do teens find they are not happy with their appearance but sometimes they are ridiculed by their peers and seek outside ways to comfort themselves. Sometimes, they decide not to eat at all or if they are forced to eat, they find ways to ensure they arenít ìstuckî with the food. Bulimia and Anorexia are common because teens want to look thin. They want to be accepted and sometimes the desire for acceptance drives them to these two diseases.

The binge or compulsive eating disorders strike those who feel most out of control. After binge eating, a person generally feels extremely guilty which begins a whole new cycle of problems. The binge or compulsive eating disorders can be as dangerous as Anorexia or Bulimia and should be approached cautiously as well.

There are marked physical symptoms in all eating disorders. These symptoms range from guilt and anxiety to hiding food for the binge eater to wearing baggy clothes to hide the weight loss in anorexia. Everyone has a way to try to hide their problems and eating disorders are often the disorders which people feel most compelled to try and hide the problem. Still, there are some very noticeable symptoms evident in those who have problems with eating habits.

Physical and mental conditions are the end results from eating disorders which mean it is very important for people to begin eating healthy early in life so they can maintain a well balanced nutritional plan throughout their entire lives. This is simple to do really and if parents will work diligently at meal planning and talking to their children about health and wellness through diet and exercise, many eating disorders could perhaps be avoided.

We do not recommend a Teen Boot Camp as a solution for Eating Disorder. We recommend a Treatment program or Facility that handles these type of issues directly.


Stress and Anxiety

There are many indicators and obvious stress of those who are under a tremendous amount of stress; and anxiety is something which is known to bring on health complications. For women and men, these indicators can prove to affect one is emotional and physical health.

Stress and anxiety can be brought on by family and other relationship problems, work related issues, and lack of exercise as well as many other factors. Often, if the stress and anxiety becomes overwhelming, disorders can be the end result ranging from personality disorders to eating disorders as well as other complications.

Depression is something which is commonly found in those burdened with excessive stress and anxiety. Medications are often the only solution a physician can recommend for a patient who is overwhelmed by stress. However, there are other ways to handle anxiety and becoming more able to communicate with your family and friends can often be the best way to alleviate an overwhelming life or work load.

Learning to communicate as well as incorporating strategies to live a more stress-free life is something which can be learned through education. Online, readers can find a lot of information about how to deal with stress and anxiety. It isnít necessary to always turn to medications to help cope with life issues.

Therapy and therapeutic measures are often a good place to begin when you feel bogged down from stress and anxiety. Articles on the web will help you to answer questions to underlying problems as well as guide you to the appropriate resources for suggestions on how to ease the tension you have in your life.

When stress and anxiety gets the best of you, read some of the articles on the web to see what you can do to help improve your life situations. You may be surprised to find creative approaches you can take to make your life much more bearable, and possibly even quite enjoyable.

Cadets can learn good skills to help combat stress. One of the things that military teaches is stress management and how to handle stressful situations. As you think about it, one of the main things that military brings on is stress. This can help bring out the best in cadets. The advantage of a boot camp is the stress is dealt with on a short term basis. Military service as a notorious reputation of helping contribute to PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. So long term exposure to those susceptible or those that have clinical depression is not recommended. But a boot camp is a good way to help teens learn to deal and manage stress.


Teens and Family Counseling

We do not recommend a Teen Boot Camp if teen needs serious counseling on behavior or emotional issues. While Boot Camp simulates "Military Life", soldiers that have done military tours or long stints in the military are susceptible to PTSD. While a Boot Camp is a short term program the same effects can occur to cadets with similar issues.

Teens and family counseling centers are offering more and more information to help those families who are in crisis. Not only are there more centers available in various communities and cities but once you are able to locate one, you'll likely find the information they provide is unmatched in comparison to other counseling centers.

The teens and family counseling centers often offer help through individual and group sessions as well as various planned recreational activities. These activities are often some of the best therapy the individual can receive with their family counseling. Teens need to learn to open up to family activities so the recreational activities are often something which is found to be both enjoyable and helpful.

Teens and family counseling can often be used following in-patient treatment in a residential facility. Sometimes, it is recommended after the teen has been involved in a crime which places them in the juvenile justice system. Other times, it can be used to follow up after a boot camp program for a disorderly teen. Still, other times, teen and family counseling is used after a divorce has torn a family apart.

In order for teens and family counseling to be beneficial, all members of the family should enter the environment with an open heart and mind. In order to do this, it is very helpful to gain as much insight as possible through the articles on the internet so everyone can understand what to expect.

Not only will the resources online prepare the entire family for what lies ahead but in many cases, it can allow the family to take a look at case studies and helpful hints of what worked for other families in similar situations. After all, when you are facing counseling, you need all the help you can get!

Please call us if you are seeking counseling or therapy we can help explore the best type of program for your child.